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ROSENBERG LIBRARY - Librarian Offices

1904 floor plan - 2nd floorThe Rosenberg Library's first head librarian, Frank C. Patten, had his offices on the south side of the building on the main floor overlooking the south porch entrance. The dual offices there were connected by a short corridor and each contained a walk-in safe and its own restroom.

The offices have remained essentially unchanged since that time, although the restrooms are no longer functioning, and the safes are used for storage.

In modern times, and prior to Hurricane Ike in 2008, the offices were occupied by the Adult Services librarian and the Extension staff.  After the hurricane and flooding of the Children's Department on the first floor, Adult Services and Extension doubled up with the Adult Reference staff, and the Children's Department staff shared the librarian's offices with the director of Circulation. After restoration of the first floor, Children's and Circulation personnel moved back to the first floor, and the Adult Services librarian moved into the main librarian's office, while Extension and Acquisitions moved into the second office.

Mr. Patten was librarian from 1904 to 1934 during which time he initiated numerous programs designed for the community. The great lecture hall on the second floor was often attended by audiences of up to 700 people. With the aid of the library board of directors, Patten developed collections far beyond most public libraries, initiating the library's function as a premier repository of historical artifacts, manuscripts, maps and other items.

The head librarian in the current period, Mr. John Augelli, occupies space in the Moody Memorial Wing, built in 1971, on the fourth floor in the administrative offices. The head librarian of the Rosenberg Library also holds the title of county librarian. Mr. Augelli was chosen Librarian of the Year in 2010 by the Texas Library Association for his extraordinary leadership and outstanding efforts on behalf of library restoration following Hurricane Ike.

Librarian Office ca. 1918
Librarian's offices ca. 1918

librarian office
Left: Librarian's offices January 2012

Right: Door leading to Great Hallway 
librarian office 

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